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What is "Alternative Data"?

Novel nontraditional data sets, generated through digitalization and technological advancements, that contain value adding insights for investment decisions.

E.g. sentiment, satellite images, web traffic etc. –collected and distributed to investors by specialized alternative Data Providers (DP)



Examples of Alternative Data


  • Satellite images are analyzed daily to count the number of cars in parking lots to estimate the sales of retail stores

  • Algorithms filter, process and interpret 5 Million news articles a day to compute sentiment scores for stocks, sectors and countries.$




Here goes text that talks about the many categories of alternative

bla bla bla categories etc Dima stole it all form altdataorg even

though he claims not to have.


Alternative data comes in many flavours and colours, apple pie, 

pistachio and kaiserschmarm.


Here to the right you can see that the most common types of 

alternative data are bla bla bla

DPs by data source.png
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