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Get intelligence on the sources of data that goes beyond market data, financials and traditional economic indicators and can provide novel insightful information for investment decisions.

Make better informed investment decisions. Save your data scouting & research time. Pay-as-you-go data options

- through our web-based platform PHUMA™ [Greek: φῦμα, growth/fruition] 

Find novel nontraditional data sources

We can help you find all relevant value-adding alternative data sets that fit your needs, portfolio, investment philosophy and approach.

Data Exploration Workflow  *Press the buttons


Data Search: Specify Data & Investment Criteria


View Available Data Options


Explore Data Options in Detail

2. Data Search Results

Get a quick overview of available data options that meet your requirements and fit your portfolio and investment approach.

1. Data Set Search

Browse through or screen for various data-sets by category and according to the desired investment parameters

  • over 300 novel data providers mapped - from which 35 providers with 40+ data products, containing 1500+ features, scouted and covered in deep detail

  • every month add. 5-10 data sets covered

  • prop. set of 250+ attributes used to categorize, describe and assess alternative data products and map them to relevant investment criteria

3. Data Sets - Detailed Exploration

Assess relevant data options

  • understand details of the data, data collection and quality assurance processes

  • view samples, analyses, use cases, and research

  • compare data pricing

  • directly purchase the data as subscriptions or pay-as-you-go one-time reports, rankings, and alerts

One-off Data-Reports
Identify opportunities and gain deeper insights via tailored one-off company and industry alt. data-reports, "pay-as-you-go" - easily accessible via tables and dashboards, rankings and alerts  

Data Reports - Search by Company/ies
Data-Reports - Available Options
Report Ex: Media Coverage Overview
Report Ex: Fin.Events News-Dynamics
Report Example: Employment Dynamics

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Choose Company, Sector or Exchange to filter for available Data-Reports

View available data-report options and respective pricing, click to see sample reports and details about the data source. Purchase the required reports on-demand.

Data-Report Example

Company's Media Coverage Overview and Distribution

Data-Report Example

News Coverage and Sentiment by Event Groups

Data-Report Example

Company's Employment Dynamics



Review Researched Application Ideas
Find out which approaches have been academically tested to integrate certain types of data within your investment context. Verify or reject your research direction. Or simply get inspired by the suggested ideas!

Finding and Assessing Researched Data Use-Cases


Screening: Specify Data &

Investment Criteria


View All

Matching Use-Cases


Explore Specific Use-Cases in Detail:

Main Take-Aways, Charts, Indicative Performance, Research Rating

*Press the buttons


  • 43 application cases and 20 alternative factors/trading ideas Identified from

  • 350 research pages of 15 different papers mapped to respective investment criteria

  • Research Aggregate Score compiled from 50+ research quality and reproducibility metrics

This knowledge base is constantly growing thanks to our contributing community of professionals and academia!​


Screening Use-Cases

List of Matching Use-Cases and Respective Alternative Factors

Idea and Use-Case Details (Eval. Methodology, Results, Conclusions)

Uncovering the value of data and making the markets more efficient
At DDQIR, we believe that data is essential for active investment management and the price discovery in the markets.
Why? - Because through novel data well informed market participants can make the markets more efficient and capture alpha while arbitraging it away.

DDQIR is proud to contribute to this process. Our team successfully combines Israeli out-side-the-box thinking and resourcefulness with Swiss-German diligence to deliver the best solution possible.

If you would like to request a demo or know more about possible collaboration projects, please reach out below.

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