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Our Platform

We are building a digital platform that will give a clear overview of the alternative data market and thus help asset managers easily navigate through and extract value from alternative data​​

The platform allows users to

  • access a unique industry-wide library of alternative data providers

  • view detailed information on each provider e.g. data features, coverage, history length, pricing and trial structures, internal and 3rd party evaluations and research performed on the data, and more

  • explore various use cases and practical applications identified, rated, and explained in detail for each data set

  • screen the data sets to identify those with the most promising and fitting applications for their specific investment requirements (e.g. markets/sectors, asset classes, time horizon, investment approach, targeted improvements …) and easily integrate those into their own investment processes


This will enable managers to efficiently navigate and compare the different data sets, determine the best match to their needs, and easily integrate the data into their investment processes.

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