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GPS-Indicators for Israeli Equities

Monitor Performance of Consumer Facing Companies and Consumer Activity

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Our algorithms leverage GPS data from large panels of mobile phones to provide regularly updated reports on the performance of consumer facing companies in attracting visitors.

The broad relevance and accuracy of these GPS-Indicators make them a very strong tool to complement investment decisions for:

  • Shopping Malls (e.g. nr of visitors to all Azrieli malls)

  • Large Retailers (Rami Levi, Yochananof,..)

  • Hotels (e.g. hotel occupancy for all Isrotel Hotels)

  • Offices (e.g. usage of all Amot office buildings)

  • Macro (general consumer activity for all of Israel)

Football Stadium


Comparisons of the GPS-Indicators to events with known attendance (football games) have shown high accuracy - read more here.

Computer with Graph


We deliver our indicators in user-friendly quarterly reports that summarize overall changes in traffic by ticker and visualize time series.



Our python based algorithm applies statistical modelling to combine GPS, demographic, socio-economic, and GIS data into accurate estimates.

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