Geo-Location Analytics for the Israeli Market 

Footfall traffic measurements and indices

- based on location data from hundreds of thousands of mobile devices in Israel -

  • 1.1 Million location recordings per day

  • from over 510,000 unique consumers total

  • in all over Israel
    - skewed towards Gush Dan area with ~82% of the panel

  • across all age groups

  • location recordings from over 750+ apps used by consumers

Hourly location recording
Hourly location recording

Regional distribution of recordings
Regional distribution of recordings

Main App Categories
Main App Categories

Hourly location recording
Hourly location recording

Macro-economic insights
Sales estimates/trend forecasting
REITs performance
Infrastructure projects
RE development
Business site selection

Measuring consumer
and business activity


Mobile phone location data for real estate investors and asset managers 


Tel Aviv


Visits identification and count (4hrs periods)

  • Processing of raw data

  • Mapping POIs (places of interest)

  • Geofencing

  • Visit-events identification and cleaning

  • Events Time Series

  • Foot Traffic Index & Changes

Dizengoff Center

 Sep - Dec 2019 

*weekly YoY changes possible as well

​Contact us, and let us know Foot Traffic Indices on which locations are of main interest to you:

  • Retail Foot Traffic Index Israel (All Shopping Malls) - Macro Indicator

  • Indices for consumer facing companies (SAE, FOX, CAST, HLMS)

  • Indices for REITs & RE mgt companies (RIT1, FTAL, AMOT)

  • Custom locations

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