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August, 2019 / Issue 1 - Editorial on nontraditional data sources
alternative data ?

​Company-level Employment Data

We invite you to participate in this short survey* for selected investment professionals.

The survey ends this month, and your expert feedback is valuable and will be


Won’t take more than 5 minutes!


What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

  • Get the survey summary results and see where the local industry is heading and what your peers are up to

  • Increase your knowledge on the alternative data market for investing

  • Get early access to our platform and download three alternative insights for free

  • In addition, get one more download for each participant you refer to the survey

Alternative Data - An opportunity for investment managers

Alternative data can provide additional incremental insights that are not captured by traditional market or fundamental data and/or be more frequently available. Novel data sets can help you

  • better inform and structure your investment decisions

  • reduce research costs

  • uncover investment opportunities and generate alpha

  • enrich risk and allocation models

Challenges - Transparency, relevancy, value and costs

The over 500 specialized alternative data providers make it challenging and expensive to sort through, identify, test and integrate value-adding data sets that match one's needs and requirements.

Further, the majority of the alternative DPs collect and sell this data in the form of large-scale data feeds with fixed pricing structures upwards of $50k a year to large and quantitative, data-crunching asset managers. Discretionary & fundamental managers, however, are still unable to easily access and leverage this data.

Mission - Organizing, clearing and revamping accessibility of alternative data

At DDQIR we solve the transparency and accessibility gap by allowing investors efficient screening and targeted, flexible on-demand purchasing of relevant alternative data and insights - on a ticker & query level.

Find and leverage alternative data according to your current needs and pay as you go on a case by case basis.

*The information provided is confidential and will be used only for survey statistics, further product development and, if desired, for communication between the survey respondent and DDQIR.

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“Alternative data” is the term used for novel nontraditional datasets generated through digitalization and technological advancements that contain value adding insights for investment decisions.

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