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DDQIR - Bridging the gap

Our focus is on novel, alternative data and its users and providers.
Technological advancements and global digitalization trends have been rapidly unleashing overwhelming amounts of untapped information. This information, however, is still far away from being absorbed by and priced into the financial markets.
DDQIR is organizing, “clearing” and revamping accessibility of information extracted from the technology and digitalization driven data explosion.
We assist investment managers in finding and leveraging relevant, novel, value adding data sets according to their specific needs and requirements. On the other side, we scout nontraditional data sets and help data providers cater and package their solutions according to these needs and achieve greater exposure and fit within the investment management community.

Been There. Done That. On both sides

Asset management and data service businesses.
We’re a team of financial and applied mathematicians with a strong, quantitative background, an affinity for data-related topics and diverse experience in the investment management context.


We’ve worked for asset managers in risk controlling and derivatives pricing departments, implemented valuation models and customized benchmarking solutions.
From the data providing side, our team catered data-driven investment products, and developed and tested decision supporting tools/filters and allocation models utilizing novel investment signals. We managed institutional clients ranging from asset managers, banks, family offices, and advisors, to private investors and tailored data solutions to their diverse needs.

Through our work we’ve experienced the gap that exists related to investor's needs identification and its clear communication, matching these needs with the right data products in the right context, transparency issues, lack of data due diligence and value quantification, trials and pricing conditions and much more.
e bridge this gap by giving investors a clear overview, structuring, and providing research on the alternative data market, as well as opening up new market segments for the data suppliers.



Dmitry Neginsky, CEO
Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science, MSc.


Dario Biasini, CTO

Applied Mathematics and Statistics, MSc.

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