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Discover novel data sources

generated through digitalization and technological advancements, that contain value-adding insights

for your investment decisions.



Alternative Data

Waiting for quarterly earnings reports & relying on consensus estimates?

Use Credit Card data, E-mail Receipts, and Foot Traffic to make timely sales forecasts and avoid/bet on report-day surprises

Alternative Data - Overview

Alt Data Overview
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  • Over 500 data providers specializing in collecting and distributing data across 20+ different data categories

  • 90% of managers get an ROI on their spend on alternative datasets*

  • Buy-side spending on alternative data tripled over the last 3 years, with 80% of institutional investors wanting greater access to alternative data*

*Greenwich Associates, 2017

Leverage the data

Why alternative data and how you can benefit from it

Alternative data can provide additional incremental insights that are not captured by traditional market data or be more frequently available than financial reports and yet of fundamental value for your investment decisions.


Novel data sets can help you

  • better inform and structure your investment decisions

  • reduce research costs

  • uncover investment opportunities and generate alpha

  • enrich risk and allocation models


Approximtely 95% of the global data has been created in the last three years*, with its amount more than doubling each year. The new data production is far ahead of it being disseminated and priced into the financial markets.

Whether it's noisy news data published by millions of sources, or data generated through individuals' activity or exhausted as a byproduct of business processes - if structured, filtered and denoised it can provide valuable information either in its cleaned, structured form or as metrics and indicators derived on top.

* IBM Marketing Cloud, “10 Key Marketing Trends For 2017"; SINTEF ICT, "Big Data, for better or worse"

Leverage the data

... with our help

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DDQIR assists investment managers in finding and leveraging relevant value adding data sets according to their needs.

Relevant, value adding data sets mapped to your needs

We use a proprietary set of over 300 attributes to categorize, describe and assess the data providers. The attributes cover

  • details on and characteristics of the data offering

  • possible applications and value added, derived from own assessment of available research publications.


The detailed mapping and rigorous, impartial due diligence & assessment process allow us to match the most optimal data sets to your specific needs and deliver the required data at your fingertips. Let us guide you through this journey, save you valuable time, resources and headache and get the most out of the data in your investment context.

Independent on demand research & evaluation projects

Need further help in quantifying the value (backtests, robustness checks, out-of-sample analysis) of the data within your context, and its systematic integration into your workflow?

With our expert team:

  • define together the project

  • get the evidence you need

  • and implement the tailored solution.

Data Providers


If you are a data providing company, please let us know about your data offering.

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